Nov. 29, 2014: SpanksGiving Sagittarius SuperBash

1 Nov

As it turns out, Amar’s birthday (44) falls on a Saturday and on thanksgiving weekend this year – and there’s no place Sam and Amar would rather be than with their SoCal family.

Thanks to Aubre and Bitty for instigating the planning of our next Eclectic Ensemble, we’re having a party and you’re all invited!


Celebrating all Sagittarius birthdays and dancing the night away. As usual, we will have a great mix of awesome performers in the signature tag-team improv format.

Performer list (Names added as they are confirmed).
. Aubre Hill . Calamity Sam . Rita Blaik . Olu Nicole . Kashmir Isis . Merryl Jensen . Sooz Tribal (MC) . Jessica Martinez . Jenn Aguilar . Martina Crowe-Hewett . Stefanie Bernhard . Ariel Kasha Celi . Elizabeth Mahina & She’Enedra . Shanna Shih . Ayse Cerami . IrinaXara . Alaitz Aisayah . Safiya .

And more to be added as they confirm !

. DJ Amar . Donavon .
& possible Special Guests (DJ Psychotropic will be having a baby around that time, so it’s a possibility – depending on the arrival, that he may come and spin too).

Also as usual, we will have our potluck food and beverage table. Please bring something to share.

Saturday November 29th, 2014
8pm until you get the DJ too drunk to play 🙂
$5-10 requested donation at the door

Studio Iqaat
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Facebook Event page


Calamity Sam and Amar will also be teaching workshops during the day.

Samar Workshops

Saturday, November 29th

Calamity Sam

Ratatat: Sharp & Smooth
Calamity’s newest choreography creation! Learn how to blend the sharp and smooth aspects of your dance in this class. Ratatat is the perfect musical boss to juxtapose serpentine movement with hard hits. This will be an advanced level class that will move quickly. All are welcome, but please come to class prepared to dance and laugh!


DJ Amar

Mastering Your Mix
Do you love a song and want to use it, but it is just too long? Is there a portion of a song you want to use, but don’t know how to edit it smoothly? Would you like to be able to mix a continuous set with smooth transitions? LEarn how to do these things and more, in this workshop!
This is an introductory music editing class using
Audacity. Feel free to bring your computer to follow along, or a notebook!


Take both classes for $45!
Please send payment via PAYPAL to:


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