Eclectic Ensemble


It began with the 2008 Tribal Fusion Faire “unofficial” afterparty in December, when Amar teamed up with the She’enedra girls and Desiree to have a lil afterparty/ hafla in LA after Tribal Fusion Faire. A great group of performers joined together and we had an amazing night.

We had the first “Amar’s in LA Gathering of the Tribe” when Amar made a drip down to LA, coordinated by Desdemona, Donavon and Amar on May 28th featuring Karma, Michaella Manning, She’enedra, Heather Shoopman & Calamity Sam, Aubre, Superkate & Desdemona, followed by “Gathering of the Tribes II” when Mavi was in town from Washington, DC, featuring Mavi, DJ Amar, Donavon, Olu, SuperKate, Sooz, She’enedra, Elizabeth Mahina and Desdemona.

Last year we did Gathering of the Tribes, Gathering of the Ghouls and the TFF after-party at Donavon’s Studio Iqaat, bringing together an eclectic mix of dance performances and music, hafla style, with some of the most amazing local talent and special guests from out of town.

Our gathering of the ghouls show included performances brought Freyja and Sherri, a spectacular hoop performance by Jamie Bechtold, Olu, Aubre, She’enedra, Soy & Sooz, and a special post-blood moon Electric Vardo Live encore performance with Heather Shoopman, Calamity Sam, Michaella Manning and Sherri Wheatley.

The 2009 TFF afterparty included performances by Aubre, Calamity Sam, Heather Shoopman, Shahlah Sutra, Elizabeth Mahina, Ayse Cerami, Heidi Lyn, Jamie Bechtold, Daniella White, Khani Zulu & TWNN, with music by Amar & Donavon.

2010 brings back the haflas at Donavan’s with a new title and the same focus, a fun, relaxed time at the studio watching performances, mingling, drinking and taking over the dancefloor yourself. We all come together to perform and enjoy the evening.


One Response to “Eclectic Ensemble”

  1. Amar March 27, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    We’re streaming live online tonight (friday March 26th – 9pm)
    Here’s the link:

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