Eclectic Ensemble Holiday 2011 Edition – Dec. 27

10 Dec

Ready for another episode of festive family* fun? (*disclaimer: for those of you who know the LA Tribal | Fusion | Belly Dance community and the DJs + musicians who accompany them, the term family is loosely defined to include a high degree of inappropriateness, foul mouths and crude behavior :).

Then you’ll want to join us at Donavon’s for a post-holiday / pre-new-year “house” party.

Eclectic Ensemble has gone to a state of Total Improv.
Improv dance performances, Improv DJing, mixed by Yours Truly!

Join us live in action or watch us online while we embark on another tag-team improv session that has proven to push the limits of creativity of both dancer and DJ. Spontaneity is the name of the game. This is quite different than a “proper” stage show, yet strangely the same. You will find the best of the best and biggest names in the community joining us in their street clothes and/or minimal costuming, along with new faces sharing the stage. It’s almost like being in the living room with a bunch of friends watching some of the most amazing performers, except there’s no dress code, no $30 ticket (just a small donation) – up close and personal.

Between the performances, you’ll enjoy live percussion by students of our host, Donavon. After the performances, the dancefloor will be yours while I spin a mix of tunes unclassifyable by genre.

Lineup will be posted on the FaRcebook event page

Doors open at 8:00pm
Performances start at 8:30pm Sharp
DJ set / open dancefloor at 10pm
We ask for a $5-10 donation to help us cover costs

We also invite you to bring a snack or drink to share for our potluck table.

Studio Iqaat
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles


December 21: Eclectic Ensemble Solstice Fun Bash

11 Dec

Eclectic Ensemble invites you to:

Winter Solstice Fun Bash!
Come celebrate the holidays with a night of BELLY DANCE, GREAT MUSIC, LIVE DRUMMING, and MORE!
**PLUS a special IMPROV challenge for our dancers and Musicians!

$5-$10 Sliding Scale

Music: DJ Amar & Donavon

Dancing Madness:
Calamity Sam
Khani Zulu
Michaella Manning
Hannah Trimbath
Ayse Cerami
Monica Dangerpants
Akasha Star

And of course … The HUNGARIAN at the door.

Photographers Richard Lowe Jr. And Bitty.

e2la solstice 2010


29 Aug

DJ Amar & Donavon present:

Eclectic Ensemble
Thursday, September 9th
Doors @ 8pm, Show @ 8:30



Elizabeth Mahina & Tandava
Ayse Cerami & Wild Routes
The Nautch Conspiracy
Heather Shoopman
Michaella Manning
Calamity Sam
And Introducing:

*Percussion by Donavon
*Live DJ set with Amar following performances

The Hungarian at the Door!

Come out for this fun night of dance and music!!

At Door: $5-$10 sliding scale
With ZULU LOUNGE Ticket proof of purchase: $2

March 26th Eclectic Ensemble Show

12 Mar

Eclectic Ensemble at Studio Iqaat in LA.
This time on a Friday night.

Register for Eclectic Ensemble - March 26th in Los Angeles, CA  on Eventbrite


DJ Amar & Donavon
Olu . Aubre . Sherri . Karma . Heather Shoopman
Michaella Manning . Sooz & Soy . Jamie Bechtold (hoop)
Desdemona . Mikayla Taylor . Daniella White . Georgina
and the Fabulous Adrienn Peter at the door 🙂


Flyer design: Calamity Sam .

Doors at 8pm
1st set at 9:00
2nd set at 10:30

DJ Amar spinning before, between and after
with Donavon jumping on with the drum at random intervals :).
Last one, we had a surprise performance by Karim Nagi.
You never know who else will get thrown in the mix.

This is the way we roll. Fun, relaxed, good vibe atmosphere with rock solid amazing performances by LA’s hottest Rockstar dancers and fresh talent that you’ll find first here.

Come join us. We’ll have light refreshments. Feel free to bring something to share at the food and beverage table. It’s like a big house party. We’ll see you at Donavon’s 🙂

Check out the video from our January show:

Eclectic Ensemble’s FIRST SHOW of 2010!

13 Jan

Join us for another night at Donavon’s with some amazing dancers, music and fun.

Streaming online at:

Last year we did Gathering of the Tribes, Gathering of the Ghouls and the TFF after-party at Donavon’s Studio Iqaat, bringing together an eclectic mix of dance performances and music, hafla style, with some of the most amazing local talent and special guests from out of town.

2010 brings back the haflas at Donavan’s with a new title and the same focus, a fun, relaxed time at the studio watching performances, mingling, drinking and taking over the dancefloor yourself. We all come together to perform and enjoy the evening.

To kick off 2010, we have an incredible lineup … and …

… Performances by

Monica DangerPants
Elizabeth Mahina
Heidi Lyn
Yasemin Yildiz
Heather Shoopman
Calamity Sam
Sherri ‘aka’ Cherchez La Femme

Henna by Susan Jekarl

… Music by


… and MC Shoop!

Logo and flyer design by Calamity Sam

Doors at 7:30pm
Performances start at 8pm
$5-10 sliding scale donation

Studio Iqaat
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
415-259-8629 for info.